I hate taking headshots. It isn´t natural. I love to play, dress up, be a ham, etc… but with headshots it always seems that you have to wear neutral clothing, have a generally neutral expression, and look straight into the camera, which while acting I generally never do any of these things. And when I do have to look into the camera lens it is with usually wth dialogue or I have to convey some sort of thought or emotion. With a headshot it all just seems a bit artificial to me, but it is a necessary evil.

So to make things a bit easier, I got together with Juanma and Julian, two friends who are professional photographers who I knew I could trust, laugh along with, and I would be relaxed throughout the session. I also knew I could play a bit and get some photos that weren´t headshots but would be great photos for social media, or publicity shots as well. Anyway here are a few from the day.

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