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Ken Appledorn is an American actor residing in Spain, and is quickly becoming one of the country’s rising stars. He gained popularity with the web series Malviviendo which has 50 million views across various platforms and was purchased by Turner Broadcasting in Spain. He then began to appear in his own series, El Viaje de Peter McDowell and began to appear in other well known Spanish television series such as Ugly Betty, Aida, and The Refugees. He won the prestigious Biznaga de Plata for the film Casting and was nominated best Andalucian actor for the film The Extraordinary Tale. He also participated in the Sundance Award winning film The Imposter directed by Bart Layton.

In theatre Ken works with one of Spain and Latin America’s leading comedians, Los Morancos, currently in the show x40+ in the teatre Nuevo Apolo in the plaza Tirso de Molina.

Ken has also appeared in a singing variety show featuring some of Spain’s top talent in Me Lo Dices o Me Lo Cantas and is a leading character in the television series Arde Madrid, a comedy series about Ava Gardner’s adventures abroad in Spain in the 1960s directed by Paco Leon.



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