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Ken has never been conventional. After graduation while others moved to New York and Los Angeles looking for an acting career, he gave love a chance while studying abroad and eventually moved to Sevilla, Spain. He learned his craft of acting as well as the Spanish language working and studying with the Spanish comedians, Los Morancos and taking every class possible at El Centro Andaluz de Teatro. He has had the opportunity to work with Woody Allen (Rifkin’s Festival), to star in and help create an independent Youtube series with over 50 million total views (Malviviendo and El Viaje de Peter McDowell), to work as a series regular in an all-star Spanish/American cast that told the life of Ava Gardner in the 1960s (ARDE MADRID), and research and tell the cross-cultural story of 6 Americans who ventured into the world of bullfighting (6 Toreros Yankees) for Canal Sur TV. He has worked with HBO has a series regular (El Ultimo Show), Netflix (Elite), the BBC (The Refugees), Movistar+, as well as local television stations in Sevilla, Spain. He has both Spanish and US nationality and can be listened to every Tuesday on Spanish radio on his show, ¨Los Guiris de Vigorra¨ (Canal Sur).


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