Meme – Clip

About 7-8 years ago, I had the chance to participate in the web series Meme in the city of Cordoba. It was a series with very little budget, so much so, that while it was all recorded, it was impossible to post-produce. In part thanks to the pandemic, the creators finally found the time and…

Official Competition / Competencia Oficial

Happy to announce my participation in the film Official Competicion, starring Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. I have the privilege to play the role of Charlie, the playful boyfriend of Diana played by the actress Irene Escolar. Encantado de haber formado parte del reparto de la pelicula ¨Competencia…

Un año de tu vida

Tuve el placer de estar en el programa presentado por Toñi Moreno en Canal Sur, Un año de tu vida, donde me entrevistaron sobre mi carrera de actor.

Como Sapiens

Happy to announce that I will be working as a reporter on RTVE presenting various reports on chefs and restaurant throughout Spain. It’s a new adventure and one that I am excited to take on. You can see me almost every Friday afternoon on Spain’s La Primera.

Malnazidos to premiere in Sitges

Excited to announce that the film I had to the pleasure to participate in, Malnazidos, directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro will open the 53 Festival de Cinema Fantastic de Sitges. I play the role of an American Photographer within the incredible world of both Nazis and Zombies. It should be a…


I hate taking headshots. It isn´t natural. I love to play, dress up, be a ham, etc… but with headshots it always seems that you have to wear neutral clothing, have a generally neutral expression, and look straight into the camera, which while acting I generally never do any of these things. And when I…


I had a great time creating this character on the series Grasa, currently showing on the Spanish digital platform Playz. I played the Kardashian´s photographer currently working in Spain for a marketing campaign to sell prosthetic pussies or ¨pussies in a can.¨ ENJOY!!!!

El Ultimo Show/The Last Show

The acting profession is not an easy one, and when you´re from another country and your native language is different it is even more difficult. But it makes each job, each role, each character that much more sweet when you have the chance to create them. And in El Ultimate Show I had the chance…

Grateful for 2019

I am fortunate in 2019 to have worked in some fantastic productions, led by some very talented people. In some productions I just had a phrase, in others I was a leading or supporting role but in all of them I learned something, I met really cool people, and I had a lot of fun….

The Last Show, Luisa Gavasa, and I

This past week I finished recording as a series regular in a new Spanish series called The Last Show (El Ultimo Show). It was fun. It was new. It was a role I had never taken on before. I had learn how to play the guitar in two days. (Honestly I didn´t, but I did…

Halloween Photo Shoot

Happy to share these amazing photos from a recent photo shoot with Spanish photographers Juanma Zamora and Julian Aguilar to celebrate Halloween. Feliz de compartir, algunas fotos de un reportaje que hicimos con los fotógrafos Juanma Zamora y Julian Aguilar para celebrar Halloween.