Grateful for 2019

I am fortunate in 2019 to have worked in some fantastic productions, led by some very talented people. In some productions I just had a phrase, in others I was a leading or supporting role but in all of them I learned something, I met really cool people, and I had a lot of fun.

In each production I continue to learn that the secret of the game is to relax and enjoy oneself. And when a role seems boring, uninteresting, it’s my job to play with it, to make it interesting while at the same time serving the script and my fellow cast members. I had fun this 2019 and hope that 2020 brings me just as much joy. And I am excited to see the films and TV series come to life this year. Thank you Woody, Alex, Carlos, David, Alvaro, Alberto, Paco, Jorge, and Javier and to the entire production team of Rifkin’s Festival, El Ultimo Show, La Lista, Grasa, Malnazidos, Arde Madrid, and Elite for some great memories.

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