The Last Show, Luisa Gavasa, and I

This past week I finished recording as a series regular in a new Spanish series called The Last Show (El Ultimo Show). It was fun. It was new. It was a role I had never taken on before. I had learn how to play the guitar in two days. (Honestly I didn´t, but I did have to learn how to play 3 chords) I had a blast and the cast and crew were fantastic. It´s a small series produced by AragonTV, but I think it is one of those small projects that´s going to end up being a lot bigger than what was even imagined. Why? Cause it´s got heart. The scripts are fantastic, and the creator and director Alex Rodrigo (Casa de Papel, El Embarcadero) has a way of creating and maintaining great chemistry while filming. Honestly it´s all just a feeling I have but I really think we have created something special.

On another note, I had the chance to work with Luisa Gavasa, pretty cool. And she is a pretty cool woman. She talked about her travels to South American, to Cuba, La Havanah, and I was transported and living her adventures as she told them. And when ¨action¨was called on set, it pleasure to easily slip into character and feel completely comfortable acting opposite her. Anyway…I cannot wait to see the results and to throughly enjoy the series. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed recording it. And thank you Luisa, Alex, and the entire cast and crew for being such a pleasure to work with.

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