‘The Ad Guy’ o ‘Chico de Anuncios’

These past few months I´ve had the opportunity to work on ads for Coca Cola, LG, Bit Panda, Dia Supermarket, and the train doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The pandemia seems to have actually helped me, whereas at one time in order to participate in the audition process for a commercial I had to go to Madrid, Barcelona, London, Lisbon, and now I can just record myself in the beauty of my own home.

But how did I actually start this whole process? How did I get into the commercial world? Honestly fiction, and telling a story through the medium of a movie or television show is what really moves me. But somehow the doors seem to be more challenging to open in this medium, the castings more filtered, and connections are more prevalent and necessary. So I decided to give commercials a shot. It seems like there are more agencies and opportunities, and the net to capture talent a bit wider. So while the castings are more massive, and there are more actors vying for the same role, there seems to be more of an opportunity to get cast if your face and energy seem to correctly fit the role…and so it began…and I am truly enjoying the ride.

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