Here are a few images from the documentary ‘Jerez, Xeres, Sherry’ where I had the fantastic opportunity to work as a presenter, see the city of Jerez, and learn about the history of Sherry. Soon on Canal Sur TV.

Unos fotogramas del documental ‘Jerez, Xeres, Sherry’ en el que tuve la suerte de trabajar como presentador, conocer Jerez y hablar de su Sherry. Pronto en Canal Sur TV.

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Faces to Watch

An honor to be in the Spanish magazine Fotogramas, as a one of the month´s Faces to Watch for the movie The Extraordinary Tale.



Excited for the show the The Refugees to come out soon and pretty cool to be on the frontpage of along with stars Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones, Black Mirror) and David Leon (Vera, RocknRolla)VerteleRefugees

Kevin Brownie

Comedic Parody for the Television Program Torres y Reyes in Spain.  Kevin Brownie wants to be known as an artist,  yet the world never gives him his due.

Actualidad Cine

On another list as one of Spain´s best new actors for The Extraordinary Tale.  Pretty cool.

Tomorrow in Spain is the premiere of a movie I had the privilege to participate in as a CNN news reporter, La Ignorancia de la Sangre.  posterlaignoranciadelasangre

Short Film Era

A few pictures from the recording of the short film ERA.  It was pleasure to participate in this film written and directed by Iva Boutazakhat and to be able work with actors Pablo Vega and David Garcia Intriago and the entire team.

Spain´s best new Actors

A recent blog, Industria de Cine, named me as number 6 on a list of Spain´s best new actors in 2014 for the The Extraordinary Tale.  It´s quite an honor and I am quite proud.  Hopefully my family and friends in the states will be able to see the film soon.

The Extraordinary Tale

The Extraordinary Tale

Malviviendo la serie disponible en Amazon!!  Regalazo para las Navidades!

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