El Moranco de Detroit


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Faces to Watch

Ken has been featured in the Spanish magazine Fotogramas, as a one of the month´s Faces to Watch for the movie The Extraordinary Tale.



On the frontpage of Vertele.com along with stars Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones, Black Mirror) and David Leon (Vera, RocknRolla)VerteleRefugees

Actualidad Cine

Ken has been mentioned on the website Actualidad Cine as one of Spain´s best new actors for 2014 for his role in The Extraordinary Tale.



The Movie the Ignoracnia de la Sangre has premiered where Ken played the role of a CNN reporter. posterlaignoranciadelasangre

Short Film Era

Ken recently finished shooting on the short film ¨Era¨in Malaga.

Spain´s best new Actors

A recent blog, Industria de Cine, named Ken as number 6 on a list of Spain´s best new actors in 2014 for the The Extraordinary Tale.

The Extraordinary Tale

The Extraordinary Tale

An article in the Hollywood Reporter about The Extraordinary Tale. 


Ken recently signed on to play one of the lead roles in the series ¨The Refugees¨produced by the BBC, Atresmedia, and Bambu productions.refugees31


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